Linux Shared Hosting Service

Linux Shared Hosting Service

Before going into detail, you should understand what a shared web hosting is and the difference between Linux shared hosting and Windows shared hosting services. Once you understand shared web hosting then we’ll explain the concept of Linux shared hosting.


Shared Web Hosting


Shared hosting means various users will be hosted on a single physical server and they will share resources with each other. This type of hosting is more affordable as compared to other hosting services because it reduces maintenance cost.


Linux Shared Hosting


Now, you’ll have an idea of what shared hosting is. Here, one term is added with shared hosting and that is Linux, right! Well, Linux is an operating system. You can choose Linux shared hosting or Windows shared hosting as per your requirements.

Most of the businesses whether they are small or large they prefer Linux shared hosting over Windows shared hosting. Linux shared hosting plan is suitable for those who have low budget or startups. It offers easy to use control panel, called cPanel.cPanel is a Linux program. It is specially designed for large servers.


Features of Linux shared hosting


Features of Linux shared hosting


There are various features that come with Linux shared hosting. This affordable shared hosting makes it easy for you to start your small business. The following are some top advantages of Linux shared hosting:


# Cost-effective


The most important benefit of using Linux shared hosting is its affordable price. As you know that Linux is an open-source platform so there will be no charges to use it for your hosting. Its prices are very low as compared to Windows hosting. Generally, Linux offers some free scripts, such as Drupal, WordPress, phpBB, Joomla and many more.


# Secure


The major concern in every hosting plan is its security. Linux offers high security as compared to other hosting services.


# Reliable


Linux is the operating system which was created first. It offers more reliability than Windows. According to the users, the reliability of Linux is much better and it doesn’t need any comparison.


# Simplicity


Another benefit of using Linux is its simplicity. As compared to Windows it is more user-friendly. Linux can use MySQL, PHP and Perl and it is one of the operating systems which is easy to use.


Benefits of using cPanel with Linux Shared Hosting


Benefits of using cPanel with Linux Shared Hosting


cPanel is specially designed to work on large servers. cPanel has the ability to use an open-source operating system like Linux. If we talk about individual end-users then they also appreciate the ease of use of this type of control panel. It provides easy execution of admin and hosting tasks. cPanel has various features, because of these features you can get benefits to your business. Various features provided by cPanel are listed below:


# Easy-to-use graphical user interface


One important feature about cPanel is its versatility, it provides easy to use graphical interface. If you have sufficient knowledge of hosting servers then it would be easy to complete ad-hoc tasks via cPanel. For example, it provides you with graphical icons which are easily readable, through these icons you can achieve any tasks starting from running your site file to monitoring logs, this can be helpful to operate your website.


# Easy to manage email accounts and sub-domains


cPanel is also helpful in managing email accounts and sub-domains. The shared hosting package allows you to choose email accounts and sub-domains. With the help of cPanel, you can oversee your email accounts and sub-domains as well as you can monitor each activity that where they directed so that you can control, create, run, edit your existing email accounts that are connected to your hosting account. cPanel offers you full control so that you can set up and manage auto-responders, filtering, and spam protection directly from the interface.


# Cost-effective server management solution


cPanel prefers a cost-effective server management solution. It is included in the shared hosting package with other features and software. So, it will be beneficial for you to have this hosting plan rather than directly purchasing this feature.


# Easy to install plugins


cPanel allows you to integrate various plugins into your site. These features include forums, add-ons, cPanel provides easy to install scripts and plugins.


# Release updates regularly


cPanel is regularly updated and maintained. cPanel checks for bugs and spam. cPanel regularly releases updates on your hosting plan.


So, before choosing a Linux shared hosting plan check its cPanel features.


How to check whether your host is Linux or Windows-based?


How to check whether your host is Linux or Windows based


When you search for a particular web host, your main concern is to determine which operating system will be suitable for your website, right? With the help of the internet, you can check the advantages and disadvantages of both operating systems, i.e. Windows and Linux. Your main concern should not be which operating system is better Windows or Linux? But your question should be which operating system is suitable for your website?


If you want to make use of particular technology to build your websites like MySQL or ASP.NET or Microsoft Access, then choosing Windows operating system would be a better option. You can use these technologies on Linux too but you may face some complications. So, you can reduce stress by simply choosing Windows hosting.


If you want to build a simple blog site or store then Linux hosting is the better option. One more interesting point of Linux hosting is, it offers great compatibility to work with PHP, WordPress, MySQL and Perl. They can also work with Windows hosting but it doesn’t offer that much compatibility which is offered by Linux hosting.


I hope, now you’ll have a clear idea of which operating system is the best suitable for you. If you already have a web project then maybe you don’t know how to tell what operating system your host runs on. Here, we have mentioned different ways to tell if your host is Linux or Windows-based:


# Back end


If you are accessing your back end by using Plesk that means you are hosted on Windows OS. On the other hand, if you access your back end by using cPanel that means you are hosted on Linux OS.


# Database management


If your website is dynamic and you have been using MySQL to manage your database then that means your website is running on Linux based host whereas Windows-based host uses Access to build and manage the database. MySQL can also be installed on Windows but maybe it will not so smooth and may require some sort of modifications.


# FTP access


Transferring of files from and to the server can be done through the FTP access on both operating systems. Linux offers you remote access to your files by providing you with telnet or SSH access as well. On the other hand, you will not find this on Windows host.


# Name files


Both Windows and Linux provide their page in JavaScript and HTML. Linux server’s end name file will be .html whereas Windows uses .htm


Linux files are case-sensitive whereas Windows files are not case-sensitive. For instance, index.php and INDEX.php are totally different in Linux, on the other hand, these both files are the same on Windows. With this issue, you may face problem while using Linux. Most of the time users make mistake due to this reason your users may get 404 error.


How to determine if Linux is right for you?


Most of the people go for Linux hosting. Before going with any OS you should determine which will be best suitable for your needs. Before choosing any OS hosting ask yourself these questions:


  • Are you starting your small business, blogging site and would you like to run it on WordPress or another CMS?
  • Have you heard about cPanel or WHM before or are you familiar with these two?
  • Do you need various options regarding different software, scripting language etc.?
  • Do you need an open-source platform for your needs?
  • Can you live without the integration of various Windows or Office programs?
  • Do you need web hosting which is cost-efficient?


If your answer is yes to any of two questions then choosing Linux option is good enough for your requirements.


Which type of hosting is better: Linux or Windows


Before choosing any web hosting plan, you should know the difference between Linux and Windows operating system. These two operating systems are different. Both operating systems use different script and database languages. If your website is static and made up of HTML, CSS and basic JavaScript then you can go with any operating system either Windows or Linux.


If you want to work with PHP, MySQL then choosing Linux is the best option. If your website is using scripts like ASP, ASP.NET or Access then Windows is suitable for your website. Here, we have explained the difference between Linux and Windows through the table mentioned below:


Which type of hosting is better - Linux or Windows


Things to consider while choosing a hosting company


Things to consider while choosing hosting company


Choosing a hosting company is a very important and difficult task, especially for those who have just started their business yet. Choosing the right company for you which fulfils your business requirements is another concerning task. If you fail to do so, it might be an expensive mistake. You may have to spend a lot of money on unwanted features. So, the first thing you need to do is, research for top companies and compare each plan with top companies and select that plan and company that meets your requirements. The following points will help you while choosing a hosting company, you should consider the following points if you want to choose the ideal web hosting company for your business:


# Cost


It is one of the major concerning factors while choosing any hosting company. Before you make any decision, first check the price list of the plans offered by a specific web hosting company. But, only considering this point and choosing a hosting company is not enough several other factors need to be considered. For example, you have chosen a hosting company which offers you a low cost for the selected plan, but they don’t provide you with proper security features or technical support.


So, be aware of while choosing any hosting package or company. If you are going for shared hosting but your site gets high traffic then you need to go for dedicated hosting. It is another factor that needs to be considered. Choosing the right hosting for your business will help to maximize the growth of your business, otherwise, the wrong decision can have a bad impact on your business.


# Customer and Technical Support


Considering customer and technical support to select a hosting company is another concerning and important factor. Suppose you lose the files or your site crashes at midnight, obviously, at that moment you need help from your hosting company. So, always check your hosting is providing you 24/7 customer support or not. If they are not providing you with technical support then avoid choosing that hosting company. Especially, if you are choosing Linux/Windows shared hosting then this point should be considered because in shared hosting there is a lack of technical support.


There are still various things you must consider like whether your host provides you online chat option, email system, and phone support for every hosting plan? These things matter a lot especially when you reside in different time zone than your host. Also, check whether your host responds to you within 24 hours.


# Customer Feedback


Customer feedback or hosting reviews is another factor which can help you to know more about the company’s services. Most of the companies claim reviews on their website to make a good impression on their new customers and old customers, but only when they receive positive feedback. You must read the company’s reviews before choosing it, because those customers already experienced their services, with the help of reviews they share their experience.


# Email Features


It is important to check email address availability because every business requires a dedicated email address and these dedicated email addresses can be used for various business activities. Besides this, also check automated responding email address. Best hosting companies provide spam protection features, so you must check whether your host provides you with a solution for spam protection.


# Add-ons Features


Another concerning factor is to check for ad-on domain feature. This is only for those users, who need more than one domain. You can choose the package as per your requirements.


Apart from this, you should also check whether a hosting company is providing you money-back guarantee or free trial. If they are providing you free trial then absolutely you should go for it, because you can get an idea of what they offer or how they are providing services to you?  But this feature, i.e. free trial is not provided by every company but some companies offer this service.


# Security


As all of us have heard about hacking, right? Hacking of website can occur if there is a lack of security, I hope you’ll agree on this! So, security is the main concern of every business from small to large. If your host provides you with high security then there is nothing better than this. As we are considering every aspect, but I guess security is a higher priority for everyone.


Best hosting companies provide you with SSL Certificate to ensure the security of your site. In addition to this, your hosting provider must guarantee the security of your site, private and financial data. If your site loads fast then it can help to increase website traffic. So, the speed of the website is also important. But with this, make sure that if you are choosing shared hosting then your host is providing you full security.


# Scalability


Scalability means, if you want to upgrade your service to a new hosting plan then your provider should have that capability to do it.  Suppose you want to upgrade your service from shared hosting to dedicated, in this case, your host should be able to do it.


# Essential Features


Check the availability of bandwidth, disk space, domain and sub-domains etc. Check whether the offered disk space is efficient for you or not? Suppose you have an e-commerce website then obviously you require large disk space, so ensure that they are providing you with enough space. With an e-commerce website, choosing shared hosting is not a good idea. For this, you need dedicated hosting.


Best Linux Shared Hosting Providers


There are various hosting providers in India and all over the world. Almost every company provides you with various hosting services such as cloud hosting, VPS hosting, shared hosting etc. You can choose the operating system as per your requirements. If your site is based on blogging or small site then you can go for Linux, otherwise, you can choose Windows OS. Here, we have gathered some best Linux shared hosting providers as follow:


# HostGator


Hostgator offers you various types of hosting such as VPS hosting, Linux shared hosting, and Windows shared hosting, reseller hosting: Windows as well as Linux etc. Now, we’ll talk about Linux shared hosting plan. It offers you four packages that are listed below:






  • If you want this package only for one month its price starts at Rs.299/month
  • Offers single domain
  • 10 GB disk space
  • 100 GB transfer
  • 5 email accounts
  • Unlimited database
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free cPanel etc.


Hatchling: It offers various plans like you can choose from 1-month plan to 5-year plan. It is up to you.


  • Starting at Rs.499/month
  • Offers single domain
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unmetered transfer
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited databases
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free cPanel and many more




  • Starting at Rs.479/month for one year
  • Offers unlimited domains
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited databases
  • Free SSL certificate
  • New- PHP 7.1
  • Free cPanel etc.




  • Starting at Rs.799/month
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited transfer, email accounts, databases
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free upgrade to positive SSL
  • Free dedicated IP
  • Free cPanel etc.


# PetalHost


PetalHost is one of the best leading companies. It offers various services such as domain registration, various hosting services. Now, we will discuss the Linux shared hosting and their packages:





  • Starting at Rs.49/month
  • 10 GB disk space
  • 10 GB data transfer
  • Offers 2 FTP accounts
  • 10 email accounts
  • 5 databases
  • 3 sub-domains




  • Starting at Rs.79/month
  • 30 GB disk space
  • 30 GB data transfer
  • 5 FTP accounts
  • 30 email accounts
  • 10 databases
  • 5 sub-domains
  • 2 parked domains
  • 2 addon domains




  • Starting at Rs.109/month
  • 50 GB disk space
  • 10 FTP accounts
  • Offers 50 email accounts
  • 15 databases
  • 10 sub-domains, 4 parked and addon domains




  • Starting at Rs.149/month
  • 100 GB disk space
  • 100 GB transfer
  • 15 FTP accounts
  • 100 email accounts
  • 25 databases
  • 15 sub-domains, 9 parked and addon domains


# BigRock




BigRock offers you with various services such as domain registration, different types of hosting such as shared hosting: Linux and Windows, reseller hosting: Linux and Windows, WordPress hosting, CMS hosting etc. It offers you four packages of Linux shared hosting as mentioned below:




  • Starting at Rs.199/month for one year
  • Host one website
  • 20 GB disk space
  • 100 GB transfer
  • Offers free SSL Certificate
  • 5 email accounts




  • Starting at Rs.299/month for one year
  • Host one website
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unmetered transfer
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Free SSL certificate




  • You can select this plan for 3 months, for this, you have to pay Rs.549/month for 3 months.
  • It can host unlimited websites
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unmetered transfer
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited email accounts


Cloud Hosting


  • It offers various terms of the plan. If you want only for one month then you have to pay Rs.999/month
  • It can host unlimited websites
  • It offers unlimited disk space
  • Unmetered transfer
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Offers 4 GB RAM


# ResellerClub


Resellerclub offers you with various hosting services as well as SSL certificate service. It also offers you domain registration. Now, let’s discuss the plans offered by Linux shared hosting plan. It includes three packages:






  • Starting at Rs.160/month if you choose for one year plan.
  • Single domain
  • Offers free SSL certificate
  • Unmetered data transfer
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Free cPanel and many more features included




  • You have to pay Rs.320/month if you choose for three months.
  • 3 domains
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Offers unmetered data transfer and email accounts
  • Free cPanel and 1 click installation




  • If you choose this plan for three months then you have to pay Rs.395/month
  • Unlimited domains
  • Offers free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited disk space and email accounts
  • Unmetered data transfer
  • Free Cpanel


# Everdata


EVERDATA offers Linux hosting, Windows hosting, Java hosting, Linux reseller hosting, Windows reseller hosting etc.  Under Linux hosting, it offers Linux shared hosting. It includes four packages such as Basic, Economic, Business and Enterprise.






  • Starting at Rs.59/month
  • Support one domain hosting
  • Allows 5 FTP accounts
  • Support 5 sub-domains
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Offers one database
  • Offers 10 email accounts, 1 GB/ID
  • Unlimited parked domains
  • Free SSL certificate etc.




  • Starting at Rs.99/month
  • Offers 5 GB disk space
  • Support 2 domain hosting
  • 5 FTP accounts
  • 5 sub-domains
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Offers 2 MySQL
  • Offers 10 email accounts, 1 GB/ID
  • Free SSL certificate etc.




  • Starting at Rs.199/month
  • Offers 20 GB disk space
  • 5 domain hosting
  • 10 FTP accounts and sub-domains
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 10 MySQL
  • Offers 50 email accounts, 1 GB/ID
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited parked domains




  • Starting at Rs.399/month
  • Unlimited disk space
  • 10 domain hosting
  • Unlimited FTP accounts, sub-domains, bandwidth, MYSQL and parked domains
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Offers unlimited email accounts, 1 GB/ID

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